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Sussex security tech firm flies to India with the PM

Sussex security tech firm flies to India with the PM A cutting-edge security software firm from Sussex yesterday took the Prime Ministerial plane to India as part of a high-profile trade trip. Horsham’s Aralia Systems Ltd designs software to help enhance security in airports, railway stations and other public buildings around the world. The three-day

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Aralia secures European defence agency contract

Aralia secures European defence agency contract In partnership with Tekever, IT Aveiro and the Bulgarian Defence Institute, Aralia has embarked on a 12-month project to provide imaging platform with the implementation of SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), to be based on a robotic vehicle. The SPIDER (Sensor Platform and Network for Indoor and Exterior-based Radiofrequency

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Aralia Systems – Recipient of the 2015 9/11 Transportation Security Enterprise Award

The Secretary General of the InterPortPolice recently presented Aralia Systems as one of thirteen international companies presented with the 9/11 Transportation Security Enterprise Award at the International Police & Public Safety Medal Ceremony in Chicago, IL USA on October 23, 2015. Secretary General Jay Grant stated, “Commercial organizations are selected based on product and service

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PRESS RELEASE – Groundbreaking new 3D camera makes scene analyses more accurate

Say goodbye to 2D. Analysing a scene accurately has just got significantly easier, thanks to an exciting new 3D scene analysis camera from Aralia. After five years of research and development, leading intelligence surveillance firm Aralia are finally ready to announce the arrival of Ulex, a 3D scene analysis camera. Ulex is not another ‘me

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can you buy prednisone over the counter uk

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